Fuck Yeah Whooty

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Take a seat by the stage and become entranced by my special moves.  My hips undulate to the beat of the music, causing you to feel an ever increasing pull to me.  You are impressed by my fluid sensual moves, but there’s more going on here that you can’t quite put your finger on.  You just can’t tear your eyes away from the way I move the curves of my body…it’s as if you’re completely and utterly entranced.  The sweat begins to pour down my tits and abs, as my hips and ass swivel and shimmy faster and faster.  You lean in closer and closer, hoping to completely take me in.

I want to tell you a secret…I have a very special move.  It will completely knock you over with my abilities. Do you want to see it?  With an introduction like that, how can you possibly say “no”?!  


Thick thigh thursday.

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Riding the train..


Her knees and pussy will be raw after this..

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You are the cutest <3

Thank you!

She’s a sexpot!


Do you think she will know I raided her desk while she has off for the holiday?

famousmandybird is the office freak!